A Migrant’s Guide to Manchester

Starting a new life in the UK can be intimidating. Many things are different to how they were at home. Most things are expensive, and some things are just plain difficult. There might be a new language or a new culture to contend with. Dealing with all this whilst struggling to find a job or accommodation can feel impossible. That’s why we feel it’s important you have access to all the essential information. We are Manchester Solidarity Federation and we’ve put together a short guide to the basics of living in the city.

What is the migrant’s guide and where can I get it?

The migrant’s guide is a PDF document that can be read with most common web browsers or with software available freely online such as Adobe Reader. A print edition is forthcoming, as are translations into languages other than English. We must emphasise the guide is a work in progress and is liable to be updated at any time. Any comments, suggestions or corrections are welcomed.

The guide is available here.

Who are we and why do we care?

The Solidarity Federation is a union that encourages peoples’ self-organisation and collective action. Besides organising in our own workplaces and communities, we are happy to support anyone facing problems with their boss or their landlord. So if you are looking to get organised, contact us!